"I have been interested in art my whole life. At an early age I was influenced by my father’s interest in painting. My dad, Wes Almond, studied painting with portrait artist, Dirk Van Driest, who resided in Taos, New Mexico. Over the years, Van Driest became a family friend and a source of inspiration for me and my siblings. My brother, Chase Almond, is a painter, and my sister, Karen Almond, is a portrait photographer.  A native Texan, I pursued a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the University of North Texas.  Recently I have studied painting with Kim English, Ann Templeton and Peggy Kroll Roberts, to name a few.  

Traveling is a great source of inspiration for me.  The first time I visited New Orleans was 1993.  Shortly thereafter I began to divide my time between Texas and New Orleans.  I began a life long love affair with the city and continue to seek inspiration there for my work.  New Orleans affords endless opportunities and unique challenges for a painter.  I am very drawn to urban landscape, especially in older cities like New Orleans. 

Interior scenes of restaurants and bars also provide interesting subject matter.  The quality of light, both natural and artificial, is the most exciting aspect of painting for me.  I love to take what I see and make it my own.  Working to keep the information in my subject direct, yet beautiful, I want the viewer to have his own journey of interpretation.  I strive to give each painting a life of its own and always try to be true to my artistic vision. 

Another aspect of painting that I find compelling is painting outdoors or “Plein Air”. Consequently, I am a member of the Outdoor Painters Society.  I have traveled extensively to Europe and painted plein air.  My most recent trip was to Venice. I spent two weeks there painting with a group.  Other European cities I have visited and painted in are Lisbon and Paris."


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